How Stress Impacts Diabetes

Stress Impacts Diabetes

Impactful is the connection between stress and diabetes, a prevalent health concern affecting millions of Americans, especially those with type 2 diabetes. Stress triggers hormonal reactions that can disrupt blood sugar levels and lead to weight gain, increasing the risk of developing or exacerbating diabetes. Houston Family MD emphasize the importance of stress management in […]

It’s Time to Seek Help for Anxiety

It's Time to Seek Help for Anxiety

Over 40 million Americans grapple with the burdensome weight of anxiety disorders, with symptoms ranging from persistent worry to overwhelming panic attacks. Seeking help for anxiety is often hindered by stigma, but it’s vital to recognize when medical intervention is necessary. At Houston Family Doctors, we offer patient-centered treatment plans to alleviate anxiety symptoms. If […]

Top Tips For Building A Strong Patient-Doctor Relationship

Building A Strong Patient-Doctor Relationship

With the foundation of quality healthcare resting on the collaborative partnership between patients and physicians, nurturing a strong patient-doctor relationship is crucial for successful medical outcomes. Houston Family Physicians PA share valuable insights and expert advice on fostering trust, communication, and mutual respect in order to enhance the patient experience and improve overall health outcomes. […]

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